The widow of the former Oracle CEO is dating Bill Gates

The widow of the former Oracle CEO is dating Bill Gates
The widow of the former Oracle CEO is dating Bill Gates. (Credit: gettyimages)

According to rumors, Bill Gates is seeing Paula Hurd, the widow of former Oracle CEO Mark Hurd.

The late Mark Hurd’s co-CEO of Oracle and former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Paula Hurd, was pictured with Bill Gates last week, according to reports. Microsoft was also co-founded by Mark Hurd.

The duo was photographed at the Australian Open in Melbourne, Australia, appreciating the men’s singles final match.

Gates, 67, and Melinda French Gates, 58, who had been his wife for 27 years, obtained a legal divorce in 2021. Gates and his ex-wife have three grown children together.

Paula Hurd hasn’t yet met Bill Gates’ children, despite the fact that their relationship is well-known, a source told People magazine.


Is Paula Hurd dating the billionaire?

Bill Gates was asked if he’d be open to falling in love again during a recent interview with BBC News. I’m not a robot, I assure you, he retorted.

Additionally, the billionaire admitted in his year-end blog post that he had “hit several personal low points over the past few years, including the death of my father and the dissolution of my marriage.”

Being affluent, according to Gates, “makes my life lot more comfortable, but not more rewarding.” “I need my family, my friends, and a career where I can work on important things to achieve that. I’m happy to have all three of them.”

He hasn’t, however, made his purported union with Paula Hurd official as of yet.


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